Giving Hope to Couples

by BTM

Thu, 28 February 2019

Giving Hope to Couples

Bahrain Specialist Hospital’s IVF Center has earned a reputation for its consistently high success rates across the country.

Boasting a state-of-the-art laboratory, dedicated and highly skilled IVF specialists and a very experienced embryologist, the centre offers personalised treatment plans and excellent care.

Launched in 2007, the IVF center is among the oldest facilities for fertility solutions in Bahrain, and offers services across a wide spectrum including pre-implantation genetic screening, semen analysis, embryo and semen freezing, among others. The experienced team of doctors and specialists also offers family planning and counselling services.

At Bahrain Specialist Hospital’s IVF Center, all the necessary steps for IVF are completed in-house. This includes the majority of the scans, diagnostic tests and the actual IVF procedures. In many traditional IVF centres, tests such as semen analysis may be conducted outside, in other partnering urology clinics, for example. Or the egg retrieval may be conducted within the IVF centre itself, but sent to a third-party laboratory for actual IVF and embryo development. However, at Bahrain Specialist Hospital, the entire IVF cycle is done within the premises, with its fully equipped IVF laboratory as well as an operating theatre for egg retrieval and embryo transfer. The hospital also has a cryogenic storage facility for the storing of frozen embryos and sperm for future use.

Since all the steps are conducted at the Hospital, it provides a one-stop service to the parents-to-be, increasing the security of the IVF process while reducing the risk of cross contamination and mix-ups that may occur during transportation. 

Another key reason for the high success rate is that the centre – unlike the general practice of embryo transfer on day three – practices implantation at blastocyst stage, which significantly increases the chances of pregnancy through IVF. A blastocyst transfer is the implantation of embryo at a more developed stage when the embryo is five days old or more. Latest research has shown that a more developed embryo ensures better chances of pregnancy while further boosting the rate of live birth. Moreover, patients can totally rely on the hospital’s complete spectrum of services from pre-conception to maternity to newborn care and beyond.

For a limited time, Bahrain Specialist Hospital’s IVF Center is also offering a money-back guarantee to all eligible couples, whereby it is offering 100 per cent refund in case of an IVF failure.

Carving a niche for itself in Bahrain’s healthcare market, the institution stands as a centre of excellence providing the latest medical services and technologies with top-of-the-line medical equipment and systems. The hospital is also the first in the country to earn the prestigious Joint Commission International accreditation (JCI).

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