Dessange Paris: Nailed It!

by BTM

Sun, 04 June 2017

Dessange Paris: Nailed It!

A good manicure is a perfect pampering session that can brighten up your dreary day and help you escape the humdrum of life.

When the going gets tough, the tough get a manicure, or at least that’s what I do when I need a quick ‘pick me up’ on a monotonous day. I was about to plan a trip to the salon when I was offered a chance to review Dessange Paris Bahrain’s Organic Oasis manicure. The grooming gods must’ve read my mind, as I couldn’t have asked for a more opportune time to try out this treatment.

My appointment was at lunchtime, so when I reached the salon, I was getting a little peckish. Having settled down at the manicure station, I was pleasantly surprised when one of the salon attendants handed me a menu and asked if I wanted to order something to eat or drink. As I finished placing my order, I was greeted by the smiling face of my manicurist, Melody Sarmiento, who is apparently a perfectionist when it comes to nails. 

She began by explaining how the Organic Oasis manicure differs from the regular one, as it uses the Green Bar range of organic products at every step of the treatment. As she opened the containers to show me what she was going to use on my hands, the smell of the amazing scents made my olfactory senses do a little happy dance. I knew I was going to thoroughly enjoy this one-hour session of pure bliss.  

Melody started by shaping and filing my nails, followed by buffing and shining. She then proceeded to apply Green Bar Tulsi Balm and soak my hands in water to soften the cuticles. I always like to have my cuticles pushed rather than cut. Paying heed to my request, Melody did exactly that and cut only the excess where needed. Once the pruning bits of the mani were over, it was time to bring on the proper pampering. 

She rubbed my hands with Green Bar Indian Coconut & Vetiver scrub, then wiped and wrapped them in warm mitts. After a couple of minutes cocooned in the glorious warmth of the gloves, she massaged my arms and hands with Green Bar Rosy Rose body oil. I felt absolutely relaxed as Melody expertly worked to release all the tension in my hands. It works wonders, especially for tensed fingers like mine, from typing and using the computer mouse too much. 

Once my hands were moisturised (you have the option to either leave the oil on or wipe it off) came the difficult decision to choose the nail varnish. With a plethora of organic and regular lacquers, the salon has every shade of the rainbow to choose from. Melody said that she liked to use bright colours for summer, so I took her advice and opted for a corally pink hue called ‘Gotcha’ from CND VINYLUX. 

Being an ex-flight attendant and having done some hand modelling in the past, looking after my nails comes second nature to me. I was very flattered when Melody recognised that, and said she would call me if she ever needed a model. Admiring the finished results, my organic mani was nothing short of perfection – Melody had most certainly nailed it!

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