Get in Shape!

by BTM

Mon, 31 July 2017

Get in Shape!

Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a trim body by using this advanced, scientific exercise to shed those extra kilos.

Taking the fitness world by storm, Power Plate vibration training is deemed to be an effective workout and a great timesaver. But what are the benefits?


Rapid muscle contractions create enormous blood flow – more than traditional cardiovascular exercise. This results in speedy transportation of healthier blood throughout the body, giving you energy, reducing pain and soreness, as well as improving the body’s natural healing process for faster recovery times.

Detoxification and Immune Health

The lymphatic is a complex system of ducts and nodes that drains toxins from muscles, while delivering antibodies to help fight disease. But it doesn’t have a pump, so it relies heavily on muscle activity to move the fluids. Therefore, it can get clogged up in people who are sedentary. The high levels of muscle contractions experienced on Power Plate stimulate the lymph to flush those nasties out, resulting in more energy and less sickness.

The shaking amplifies by a factor of several times any motion performed on a vibration plate, such as squats, lunges, pushups, ab crunches, bicep curls, et cetera. This means your body does more effective work in a shorter time period with persistent muscle engagement.

Bone Density

One of the best things about Power Plate is that it is highly efficient at maintaining bone density to help prevent early onset of osteopenia (weakening of the bone). That’s because the vibration, along with loaded activities, increases the body’s rapid reflex response and blood flow to the affected areas.

Muscle contractions generated through shaking exert force, stimulating growth of bone tissue. Combined with stronger muscles and improved balance, the risk of falling is reduced, especially in the elderly. A study of women over 60 showed that those who did use vibration technology reported 35 per cent fewer falls and 52 per cent less fractures than those who didn’t. Their muscle performance also remained significantly better, even after they had stopped using the equipment for a full year! 

Weight Loss

Power Plate helps increase the body’s metabolism in conjunction with detoxification, and is the best method for quick and sustainable weight loss. Like any other form of exercise, training on the machine raises your metabolism. As your muscles get stronger, they use fuel more efficiently, and as your blood circulation and lymph drainage improve, you have more energy and shed toxins. These developments encourage your body to burn calories faster, consequently increasing your metabolic rate, meaning you’ll lose more fat, even when you’re not working out!

One study of Power Plate users found they were able to shed twice as much belly flab within six months, compared to people who did cardiovascular exercise combined with weight training.

Hormone Efficiency: Mental Clarity, Better Sleep, Anti-Ageing

Using the equipment regularly stimulates production of helpful hormones, especially rejuvenating ones that tend to decrease with age, such as:

• Human Growth Hormone – helps in the repair and regeneration of damaged muscles, bones and other tissues

• Testosterone – preserves muscle tissue and provides energy

• Serotonin – responsible for feelings of happiness and wellbeing 

• Brain hormones – control memory and regulate sleep.

Vibration plate training also reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, so you’ll have more energy to get back to the things you love.

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