Get the Festive Look

by BTM

Sun, 04 June 2017

Get the Festive Look

Iftar gives you a chance to socialise with family, friends and colleagues, for which you’ll want to look your best. Here are some easy make-up tips for these special evenings.

The key to mastering the perfect look for Iftar is balance. Instead of piling on tons of make-up, go for statement lips or beautiful, stand-out eyes.

It has to be wearable and appropriate for Ramadan, also, as it’s important to look fresh and healthy. Joz Salon & Spa brings you a few tips and tricks to achieve this within a few minutes.

Simplicity is key

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have sufficient time on their hands to get ready for an Iftar gathering. However, you can still look presentable without spending hours doing your make-up. It should be neither too heavy nor plain, just enough to enhance your best features, and to create the appearance of a perfectly healthy, glowing complexion.

Choose a product that gives an airbrushed finish to the skin, yet hydrates and moisturises at the same time, such as a BB cream. With many of us not drinking enough water during Ramadan, the lack of hydration can lead to dark circles under the eyes. Usually it’s recommended to apply a colour corrector before the concealer; however, in the spirit of keeping things simple, a product that’s a combination of the two will help you to get rid of any dark circles in seconds.

Finally, apply a rosy blush to complement the entire look. Go for a creamy texture, as not only does it create a dewy finish, it also lasts longer than most powdery blushers.

Easy on the eyes

Tinted brow gels are the holy grail if you’re in a rush. They groom the brows in the most natural way and cover up any gaps, and again this can be done within seconds. 

Applying eyeliner and/or false lashes can take way too much time. Achieve thick lashes by layering on mascara – not only is this one of the hottest trends this season, it also saves you valuable minutes.

Statement lips will do

If you’re too busy cooking up a feast or perhaps just occupied with work, and you don’t have time to do your make-up at all, simply choose a colourful statement lipstick. There are plenty of great waterproof ones that don’t need a single touch up throughout the evening. A bright shade also draws attention away from the rest of the face (no one will even notice that you’re not wearing any other make-up). 

If you’re not fond of flashy or dark hues, go for a shade that’s almost similar to your natural skin tone, such as rosewood or in some cases taupe (depending on the complexion).

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