Integrated Security Solutions

by BTM

Wed, 05 September 2018

Integrated Security Solutions

G4S is renowned for working in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. 

A joint venture with local partner Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, G4S Bahrain is the world’s leading global, integrated security company, specialising in the provision of security and related services across six continents. It was established in 1993, and has a workforce of 500. 
In today’s world, safety and security are a major concern of every organisation. With increasing organised crime, terrorist activities and general theft prevalent across the globe, there has never been more importance attached to safeguarding people and properties. Banks, financial institutions and major corporations have started looking for professional advice and are outsourcing their security and cash management activities to a professional organisation such as G4S.   
This very demanding specialist service is carried out according to security principles and procedures which are a result of more than 100 years of experience gained in more than 90 countries around the world. 
To meet the challenges and customers’ demands, G4S Bahrain offers a full range of integrated security solutions, including cash in transit, ATM management, Cash360 Deposita machines, electronic security systems, manned security services, emergency response and risk consultancy services. The company will soon open a fully secured Cash Centre, which can cater for bulk cash processing and other cash-related solutions to various banks and major institutions. Additional services, such as facilities management, manpower recruitment and a new guarding company, will also be opened by the start of 2019 as part of G4S Bahrain’s expansion programme, ensuring the company’s growth for years to come.

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