Latest Hair Trends

by BTM

Mon, 01 October 2018

hair trends by Toni&Guy;

Toni&Guy; experts take a look at some cool hair trends that have dominated this year.

Some of the top stylists at Toni&Guy spilled the beans on which looks they’re loving in 2018. Some are bold, some experimental, some even super subtle. But you’ll definitely be booking an appointment by the time you get to the last style.

Retro Realness

“We may be looking forward to the rest of 2018 but, when it comes to hair, we’re being inspired by decades past,” says a Toni&Guy stylist. “I think we’ll see a mix of ’70s- and ’90s-inspired looks. Healthy, fluffy hair is in right now. We have been playing around with roller sets, which is a timeless way to achieve this look. We set it, let it sit, brush it out and let it do what it does — no heat required.”

Messing Around

Leave the angular styles behind and try out something a little more curvaceous. Rounded-under styles (à la Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface) are the rave, according to the experts. Take your cue from Margot Robbie, who rocked the look like a pro on the red carpet.

The Long Pixie

Longer pixies make a lot of sense since so many women in Hollywood made the big chop last year and are starting to grow them out.

All Lined-Up

Buzz cuts are still having a big moment and folks are looking for all kinds of ways to spice up their crops. “We’ll be seeing a lot of haircuts with lines etched in them — taking undercuts to a whole new level,” says one stylist. “I would love to see this on women of all ethnicities and ages and even add colour to it.”

That Bob Life

The bob is here to stay — it’s a classic, always has been, always will be. And it’s versatile; you can wear it straight, curly or wavy. 

Structured Updos

We’ve been seeing a lot of great updos on the red carpet and we should expect more. Sleek and structured updos are beautiful ways of showing off a woman’s features and a dress, while giving an artful approach to her hair.

What Haircuts?

The no-haircut haircut. “A lot of our clients don’t want to look like they just got a super clean, fresh cut — just soft, healthy ends,” says the stylist.

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