Get With the Trends

by BTM

Wed, 03 April 2019

Get With the Trends

Max Fashion’s new collections make you to look fresh and fabulous for the new season.

As the winter gives way to warm, sunny days, it’s the time to enhance your wardrobe. Spring/Summer 2019 dressing is all about being bright, bold and colourful with Max Fashion’s new collections – Farmer’s Market, Smart and Spring Fling – that offer something for everyone. 

Here are the brand’s key trends and instant-cool tricks to help you stay stylish through the coming months.

1. Florals have become a major fashion statement this time of the year. Light prints compliment many women; and can be worn on scarves and blouses for a minimalistic look. Alternatively, you can embrace the trend all-out with a floral maxi dress paired with flats or sandals in the summer. Introducing eye-catching colours, the brand’s Spring Fling collection captures the zest of the season and contrasts it with a medley of motifs on tops and dresses.

For children, fruity ice cream tones are a favourite fashion treat in a variety of sugary shades from lilac to lemon sorbet. Soft shades and muted tones like strawberry pink, melon, peach and baby blue are fun and cool, mixing and matching well with neutrals or other pastels. The Farmer’s Market collection features vibrant designs in sunny yellow, clean white and bright green amongst others, to create an energetic look. Kids can choose from roll-up pants and cuffed shorts, along with Vichy prints and floral touches for girls, for a relaxed and comfortable feel.

3. The energetic tints of the new Smart collection help you look minimal and original at work every day. Unleash your creativity with striking prints – you can carry off an all-over look by teaming matching separates, or keep things simple with printed accessories, like a bag or shoes. You could pick contrasting prints to create eclectic outfits, or team them with solid colours for a fail-proof look.  

4. Bodysuits, ideal for a casual day out, are making a huge comeback this year. Colour blocking is a great way to stand out from the crowd, and it’s often easier than mixing lots of hues together – contrast shades like classic pink, green, yellow, orange, red and neon blue. Max Fashion’s Smart and Spring Fling collections offer a palette of hues to liven up your look at work and at play.  

5. Whether it's a reserved, professional office that requires something more under-the-radar or a desire to give an existing piece a breath of fresh air, light layers are all in this season. You want to look for pieces that add a touch of warmth without contributing too much bulk. The men’s Spring Fling range offers an exciting range of light layers splashed with bright electrifying colours.

6. Create various interesting looks by wearing eclectic accessories combined with your favourite basics. Try metallic earrings and bracelets with your favourite tee or office-friendly white blouse. Max Fashion’s accessory and footwear combinations will make you feel comfortable and on top of your game.