New Uni Course Launched

by BTM

Mon, 31 July 2017

New Uni Course Launched


In the upcoming academic year of 2017-18, the Arab Open University will run a Master’s degree in business administration, in cooperation with the Open University of Malaysia.

The programme offers a unique opportunity for those wishing to improve their competencies and organisational skills.

Bahrain branch director, Dr Khaldoon AbdulRazak Al-Roomi, says: “In light of the highly competitive business environment dominated by accelerating changes on sociocultural, economic, political and technological changes, organisations strive to survive through human resources as a core competency of creativity, innovation, devotion and leadership. It is therefore important to offer programmes for the development of these skills in such a way that they comprehensively contribute to providing added value to these institutions, as opposed to the performance of a limited assigned role.”