Protected Playtime

by BTM

Tue, 03 October 2017

Protected Playtime

With reliable products from this brand, caregivers need not worry about kids’ wellbeing while they engage in outdoor fun and games.

When it comes to keeping little ones safe from hurt and injury, parents should trust only the very best of playground equipment. Hags is a Swedish brand that uses its theoretical expertise about play to create exciting, attractive and enjoyable environments for children and adults. All the products encourage physical activity, which is paramount to the wellbeing and social development of budding minds and bodies.

Young ones need to run free during playtimes to explore their surroundings and understand their abilities better. But there is a fine line between an unsafe setting and a challenging one for facilitating recreational activities. Hazards can result in harm that one may not foresee, but a challenge motivates kids to test their limits within a secure zone.

Hags offers a wide range of swing sets, slides and climbing units, spring toys and other park equipment, which are known for reliable and innovative safety provisions in several countries all over the world. The versatility of Hags play systems enables the creation of unique outdoor equipment to capture the interest of little ones and grown-ups alike.

The company, established in 1948, has been guided by the principle of offering only the very best quality to clients, since its inception. To keep child-friendly areas – big and small – as secure as possible, product development at Hags strictly adheres to international research and safety benchmarks. All items are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 requirements. The brand also adopts the European standard for playground equipment when it comes to safety of the units and all products are approved by the German Technischer Überwachungs-Verein (TUV), an association that has the most extensive and advanced testing and approval procedures in the world. Thanks to the high quality of raw materials used to manufacture durable, lasting creations, the company confidently offers 10-year warranties to customers.

Besides keeping kids constructively occupied in open areas, Hags offers sport and fitness equipment for adults, designed to make exercise fun. The products are inviting, userfriendly, and offer people of all physical abilities and ages the opportunity to work out and build strength, stamina and coordination.

The organisation also makes a wide range of park and urban furniture, which look great on sidewalks, promenades and central commercial areas in cities.

Hags products are made available in Bahrain by renowned business group Yusif Bin Yusif Fakhro.

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