Rapid Repair | Joz Salon & Spa

by BTM

Sun, 01 April 2018

Rapid Repair | Joz Salon & Spa

Joz Salon & Spa brings you two revolutionary hair treatments for 30-day intense conditioning and repair in just 30 minutes!


Intense Boost is a revolution in hair repair. Using KeraStraight’s advanced treatment technology, Intense Boost renews, repairs and rehydrates hair from the inside out in under 30 minutes, rebuilding whatever the hair lacks. This quick-fix treatment transforms weak, dry and damaged hair into beautifully restored, strong, shiny and healthy locks, and lasts up to a whole month.

Intense Boost combines the most advanced proteins and lightweight moisture encapsulation on the market today, which is why there’s not a hair product out there that comes anywhere near its capacity for repair and manageability.


Delivers Strength with Softness
This treatment is ideal for fine, weak or damaged hair. Protein Boost is an advanced blend of hydrolysed wheat proteins which target the hair from the inside out to deliver amazing strengthening and mending. Protein Boost creates deep repair, leaving hair healthier, stronger, softer and gorgeous.


Delivers Moisture without Weight
This procedure is ideal for coarse, dry and damaged tresses. Moisture Boost delivers incredible hydration, sensational shine and repair and, unlike many moisture treatments, does not weigh the hair down. It’s a concentrated treatment packed with lightweight moisture-capturing ingredients and hydrolysed proteins to deliver an even more targeted approach to dry or damaged hair. Your locks will feel softer and more renewed than ever before.


This delivers even greater repair, strength and hydration and takes just 40-45 minutes. Ultimate Moisture Boost provides the most luxurious in-salon treatment for thick, dry and damaged hair, leaving it soft, shiny and feeling beautiful. Ultimate Protein Boost repairs even the weakest hair, making it stronger and healthier with incredible shine.

Intense Boost and Ultimate Boost can be re-applied up to once per week to deliver even greater repair and hydration.

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