Revamped with Bright Solutions

by BTM

Mon, 31 July 2017

Revamped with Bright Solutions

This leading lighting company has overhauled its showroom and features the latest and brightest trends and designs available in the industry.

Elames Lighting, established in 1995, is a division of Behzad Group, opened to complement the group’s commercial activities. Over the years, the company has partnered with groups and supplied products for various projects of different sizes both nationally and internationally.

Elames Lighting’s showroom manager, Karolina Kuzel, says: “At Elames, we always expand our product range, not only to meet but to surpass customers’ requirements. Our modern showroom serves the needs of designers and private customers alike; and displays hundreds of products manufactured in Europe and around the world.  

“We have focused on improving the layout by classifying various sections to enhance the shopping experience. Our staff has extensive experience and can offer expert technical and design advice. The team will listen to the needs of each individual customer and select the products that are best suited. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand project needs and goals, with the ultimate aim of achieving a unique and cost-effective solution.

“Whether you are looking to build or move to a new home or are simply just planning to renovate, our team will take care of all your lighting needs. Elames Lighting offers solutions that can transform any space and create the perfect ambience.”

Elames supplies both internal and external lighting, as well as technical and decorative products. Projects have related to hotels, palaces, commercial offices, showrooms, warehouses, residential buildings, and private villas.

Recently, Elames has been working to promote solar lighting solutions, leading the way in cost-effective environmental conservation.

Call 17 703-336 or visit @Elamesbsc on Instagram.

Elames Lighting