Royal Bahrain Hospital - Managing Multiple Sclerosis

by BTM

Tue, 05 November 2019

Royal Bahrain Hospital

The neurosciences team at Royal Bahrain Hospital [RBH] offers a new, advanced treatment for Multiple Sclerosis.

RBH’s department of neuroscience has taken a pioneering step in providing patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis [MS] with a specialised treatment called Ocrevus, also known as Ocrelizumab.

Ocrevus is a medication used to treat relapsing forms of MS in adults and to slow disability progression and its impact to brain lesions. It is administered twice a year using an IV infusion. According to studies, Ocrevus is the first treatment which showcased reduced disability in trials of progressive MS. 

So how does Ocrevus work?
The central nervous system that comprises the brain and the spinal cord, carries signals to and from the rest of the body via nerve cells. These signals allow the human being to sense things and move. The immune system uses many types of cells to help the body fight infections that are caused by bacteria and viruses. Multiple sclerosis affects both the central nervous system and the immune system as it behaves abnormally. Instead of fighting infections, some cells are misdirected to attack the myelin (the fatty sheath that protects the nerves), which is when symptoms of MS occur.

Royal Bahrain Hospital’s department of neuroscience comprises a team of expert and experienced doctors including consultant neurologists, Dr Adel Al Jishi and Dr Sayed Moh’d Alsaffar; consultant neurosurgeon, Dr Nabeel Hameed; consultant pediatric neurologist, Dr Milena Dimic; and consultant neuroradiologist, Dr Suzzanne Abbas.

This combination of experts on the team provides comprehensive neurological care services that range from the treatment of all types of headaches, stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, sphenoCath, and nerve block and botox procedures for facial pain and migraines, developmental disorders, diagnosis of brain- and spinal cord-related issues (MRI) , head and spine trauma, neuro-vascular surgery, neuro-endoscopy, and base of skull and spine surgery.

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