Surviving the Bikini Wax

by BTM

Mon, 03 June 2019

Surviving the Bikini Wax

The experts at Joz Salon give you the lowdown on going bikini bare.

Preparing for your first bikini wax — especially the take-it-all-off Brazilian — may be a bit nerve-wracking. But others have braved the procedure and lived to tell the tale. A Brazilian bikini wax, in which hair is completely removed from your intimate areas, takes less than an hour to complete, depending on your response to the process and the efficiency of the aesthetician.

Unlike waxing on other areas of the body, this one is difficult to do yourself. At Joz, this procedure is performed by experts trained in hair and skin care. The first step is to decide how much fuzz you want to lose. The cost, length, and pain of the procedure depend on that decision, so be sure you and your aesthetician fully understand the desired outcome.

Your Options
Traditional bikini wax – only the hair outside of the bikini coverage area will be removed.

Extended bikini wax – hair is removed up to two inches inside the bikini line.

Partial Brazilian wax – hair is removed in the groin area, buttocks, and on the labia (the lips of the vagina), leaving a thin strip of hair pointing upwards toward your bellybutton. You do have some creative licence with the shaping of this strip.

Full Brazilian – all hair is removed from the groin area, labia and buttocks.

The Process
It helps to be educated about the bikini wax routine and its risks in advance. You will be asked to remove all clothes from the waist down and may be given a temporary thong to wear. The aesthetician may first trim the hair and then use a stick or spatula to apply hot wax to the area in parts. A clean cloth is used to peel the wax and hair off your skin. The wax will be hot but if you feel the temperature is uncomfortable, make sure to speak up.

Common Concerns
Time it. Schedule your waxing appointment well before or after your period. The days around your period come with an increased sensitivity to pain.

Breathe and relax. The pain and the experience are only temporary. Tensing up makes it worse.

Ask your aesthetician if she can recommend any numbing creams or moisturisers that could make your experience less painful. These may need to be used up to an hour beforehand.

Ingrown hairs. Some women may experience ingrown hairs as their hair grows back in. This can be avoided by gently exfoliating and moisturising the skin.

Bleeding. There is a slight risk of bleeding, but if it happens, it’s likely to be only a small amount.

Allergic reactions. These are rare. Your skin is likely to be sensitive after the waxing is complete, and a cooling moisturiser helps ease the immediate irritation. If itching, dryness or redness last more than a day or so and cannot be eased by moisturising, you may need to consult a dermatologist.

On the whole, getting a bikini wax is usually safe, even if it is painful.

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