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The Master Origin Collection from Nespresso

by BTM

Wed, 05 September 2018

The Master Origin Collection from Nespresso

Five new taste sensations mastered by craftsmen, inspired by the land.

What happens when five incredible landscapes come together with five specialised processes, all orchestrated hand in hand with local coffee farming experts? The result is the new Master Origin collection from Nespresso – five distinct coffee sensations all inspired by the land. 
The Nespresso coffee experts scoured the world to discover the finest coffee sourcing regions, from the forested mountains of Sumatra through to the highland vales of Nicaragua. Within each selected region, Nespresso formed a partnership with the local farming experts and embarked on a mission to test innovative and demanding farming practices, all with the goal of crafting incredible new coffee aromas and tastes. 
In Ethiopia, the coffee beans had a meticulous raking every hour by hand to ensure even drying. In Colombia, the typical harvest time was pushed to the limit – each coffee cherry was left on the tree, risking fermentation, until it was exactly the right shade of deep purple to be picked. Over in Sumatra, Indonesia, farmers used a traditional and exceptionally local wet-hulling method, whilst in Nicaragua, a sweet approach was taken, using the ‘black honey’ method which involves leaving the coffee bean in its natural fruit layer while it is drying, allowing it to soak up the natural sugars. The coffee sourced in India experienced an age-old ‘monsoon’ technique that was once a natural occurrence when coffee, transported via boat, took on a high level of moisture from the ocean, making the beans swell and reveal a unique new flavour. For the Master Origin India, this process was brought into the 21st century and Robusta beans were ‘monsooned’ rather than the more typical Arabica.

Master Origin Indonesia
Flavour profile: Rich and woody
Processing technique: Wet hulling
The constant humidity in Sumatra has led farmers to hull their beans when still wet, creating a distinctly rich, velvety texture and wild, woody taste.

Master Origin Ethiopia
Flavour profile: Flowery and bright
Processing technique: Natural dry processing
The local farmers in Ethiopia have perfected the ancient dry-processing technique over many years, drying their whole coffee cherries in the highland sun to cultivate delicate fruity flavours.

Master Origin India 
Flavour profile: Intense and spicy
Processing technique: Monsoon
The powerful wet monsoon winds sweep into India’s Malabar coasts for months. Our partner farmers harness their power to cultivate a coffee of incredible intensity. 

Master Origin Nicaragua
Flavour profile: Sweet and harmonious
Processing technique: Black honey 
In the highland vales of Nicaragua, our black honey coffee is hand raked every hour under the hot sun to absorb the sweet flavours from its fruit. 

Master Origin Colombia
Flavour profile: Fruity and vibrant
Processing technique: Late harvest
We introduced the late-harvest technique to the high forests and rolling hills of Colombia. The coffee is left to mature on the branch much later and, with each new day that dawns, each individual cherry must be assessed and picked only if it’s perfectly ready.