The Multi-Season Living Space

by BTM

Sat, 07 July 2018

The latest offerings from this leading French company allow you to make the most of your outdoor space, with its Pergola system, designed to provide natural light and heat management for private or professional use.

Technal Middle East (TME) is the Bahrain-based arm of the French international architectural aluminium systems supplier, TECHNAL®.
TME has been serving the regional market for almost 40 years offering a wide range of technically advanced proprietary products and bespoke solutions – specifically developed to meet clients’ requirements – including innovative solutions for all types of architectural aluminium façades, skylights, sunshades, windows, doors, office partitions, balustrades and blast- and bullet-proof applications.

The company’s newest innovation, which is perfect for the Middle Eastern climate, is the Pergola SUNEAL, which allows you to create a multi-seasonal outdoor living space.

Designed for both private and professional use, the Pergola SUNEAL enables the user to control natural light input by adjusting shading according to the seasons. The installation features straight and clean lines — there are no visible screws; the additional profile is positioned atop the blades to conceal movement; and the living space comes in all Technal shades with the possibility to paint the blades to match your requirements.

Pergola SUNEAL is not only attractive to look at, it also contributes to a reduction in energy requirements, particularly in summer, when it reduces the need for air conditioning in adjoining rooms while protecting façades and outdoor furniture from the fierce sunlight. In winter, the easily adjusted blades allow maximum light to enter the space.

The Pergola SUNEAL offers comfort and safety on a daily basis. Features include soft and silent blade movement; integrated motorisation in the upper part of the structure; blade orientation up to 130 degrees; blade handling by remote control with an RTS-compatible system and a waterproof roof in the closed position ensuring year-round utility.

It is extremely reliable, with the motor including stainless steel components that are resistant to rain and dust. Its durability is exceptional with minimal maintenance and the motorisation is tested through more than 20,000 cycles. Additionally, the blades have resistance up to 230km/h without breaking.

A wide range of finishes and colours is available to meet individual requirements, including polyester coating and lacquered finish, enhancing existing buildings and allowing designers and architects freedom to incorporate the Pergola SUNEAL into stunning exterior design configurations.

As with all TECHNAL® products, only the best materials and parts are used to minimise maintenance and ensure long-term performance, giving customers the assurance of high quality guaranteed by the TECHNAL® name.

Hesham Kameshki, marketing and business development manager at TME, says: “The Pergola system is a result of the latest creative innovations of TECHNAL® that were introduced to the international markets at one of Europe’s largest building and construction trade fairs in Paris, at Batimat Expo that was held in November 2017. This is a new development on the SUNEAL range of TECHNAL® systems that incorporates a completely new application in various modules to suit different architecture concepts that offers end-users ultimate comfort, convenience and peace of mind at their homes, residences and various outlets. It will be launched by TME for the Middle East during Windows, Doors & Façades 2018 Expo in Dubai, which is expected to be well received and demanded by all concerned end-users in both private and commercial sectors in the GCC.”