To a Healthier Future

by BTM

Thu, 02 November 2017

To a Healthier Future

Introducing a revolutionary programme that can kickstart weight loss and set you on the path to long-term lifestyle change.

Although many ‘diets’ can seem effective in the short term, they are often unsustainable and can in fact make it harder to lose fat in the long run. By failing to adequately nourish the body, restrictive diets deprive the body of energy and cause it to preserve fat stores, rather than burning them.

The decrease in muscle mass often associated with diets further contributes to this effect – muscle is the very thing that burns fat, so losing muscle mass reduces the body’s fatburning efficiency.

The Xero programme ensures customers can:

• Eat as much as they like, while learning to eat the right foods to keep hunger at bay
• Improve overall nutrition for optimum health and fitness
• Maintain a stable blood sugar level, which in turn leads to optimum fat-burn
• Achieve significant fat loss by following simple guidelines
• Sustain immediate results with a new healthy lifestyle
• Feel energised with reduced fat and improved lean muscle mass.


Many of the causes of poor health are associated with poor eating habits and lack of physical activity. Lifestyle modification considerably helps to prevent obesity. Maintaining an ideal body mass index (BMI) and body fat index (BFI) will avoid the ‘overweight’ bracket, which is a prelude to health-limiting obesity.

This is not a short-term fix, but should be considered a life-long process. Avoiding unhealthy foods and a sedentary lifestyle can really help to prevent an adverse BMI/BFI. The goal of maintaining an ideal body weight should always be accompanied by an inner determination to avoid gaining unnecessary weight.

The latest studies show that by losing as little as 10-20lbs you can dramatically improve your overall health status, while significantly reducing your risk of disease.

The four-step Xero programme can help in this goal.


During the initial consultation, the client’s BMI and BFI are assessed. The practitioner will then discuss the client’s goals and explain how Xero can help without restrictive diets or excessive exercise.

To deliver results, a series of treatments is prescribed to remove unwanted or stubborn pockets of fat. These treatments, in combination with a personalised nutrition and activity plan, will boost the client’s metabolism and ensure their body stays in optimal fatburning mode.


The Xero programme involves a regular series of treatments using safe, painless, advanced technologies to alter the body’s fat composition. Each treatment session, lasting approximately 45 minutes, involves:

• Biostimulatory laser fat cell reduction: shrinks fat cells and releases excess fat in the target area
• Neuromuscular stimulation: tones muscles and burns fat faster, increasing metabolism to rapidly eliminate fat from the body
• Multipolar radiofrequency: skin tightening for a firmer, leaner physique.


Xero incorporates the latest nutrition and exercise science into the programme, which is simple to follow and can fit into any busy schedule. By analysing the client’s current eating habits, a report is produced detailing changes the client needs to make to improve their nutritional intake – focusing specifically on boosting their metabolism to sustain the immediately visible results following treatment.

Xero is not a diet – it is a programme designed to optimise metabolic function and change lifestyle habits for long-term weight loss and health. Practitioners and clients can access Xero’s team of nutritionists, who will provide daily menu ideas, nutritional advice and tips via the website:

Designed to maximise fat burn and boost metabolism without spending hours in the gym, the 15 Minute Xero Fat Burn Workout is recommended to be followed post-treatment and at home to ensure sustained fat loss results. Xero also provides a range of effective nutritional and fat burning supplements.


The Xero programme delivers immediate results that motivate clients to stay focused on achieving their goals. By the end of the programme, they will have significantly reduced their body fat, lost inches, increased their fitness levels and toned their muscles.

Combining Xero’s advanced technologies with expert advice and support for optimal fat burning nutrition and exercise means clients are more likely to maintain results in the longterm through changing their daily habits and lifestyle for good. Book your free consultation now to learn how the Xero Programme can help you achieve your objectives.

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