#wearsEA - Emporio Armani

by BTM

Wed, 25 July 2018

#wearsEA - Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a hub of individuality that encourages everyone to be themselves. So, strut your own unique style with a little help from the brand’s latest Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 collection.

Emporio Armani inspires people to have an identity which is characterised by the projection of one’s own personality, finding character, strength and uniqueness in the differences in each of us.

The brand’s latest collection has a decisive, urban spirit, with an emphasis on the idea of new elegance: precious but not frivolous. The city wardrobe has a dynamic tone, combining the innovation of the lines with that of the materials. The slender and sharp silhouette is evidenced in small-shouldered, double-breasted suit jackets, worn with flowing trousers, a wool trench coat with technical buckles, and a seamless kimono-style bomber. The outerwear pays homage to the world of mountain hiking and outdoor activities, with curly-haired sheepskin coats and pony-effect goatskin jackets. 



Surfaces are treated and processed to produce tactile effects: chenille sweaters with fade-out patterns, jacquards with stylised trees and clouds creating a poetic camouflage-effect on sportswear, and butterfly wings fluttering like flowers on new tuxedos.

The palette is a dense amalgam of greys, blacks and deep blues, energised by the pure white of shirts, the cool tones of greens and blues, and the metal accents of gold and bronze. Accessories are functional, but come in refined materials: shoes with sharp lines, and capacious handbags featuring embossed patterns.

Womenswear Autumn-Winter 2018-2019

PM (Post Meridiem)
“I enjoy watching people, bringing into my world the spirit of what I see around me, processing and reinventing it. Today everything gets mixed up, rules have been turned upside down. That’s the freedom I wanted to capture in this collection.” 
– Giorgio Armani. 

Post meridiem, all day long. The collection captures an unrestrained, night-time mood that subverts dress codes, mixing discipline and sparkle. The mood is spontaneous, everything is mixed up: what is traditionally designed for the evening is worn in daytime, with no need to show off or rebel. Rhinestones draw pinstripes on incisive suits. Classic mannish patterns light up with touches of lurex; metal sequins and small mirrors reflect and multiply the light.

The silhouette is sharp: masculine trousers and jackets, fluid overcoats and short skirts are combined following no rules or prescriptions. The logo recurs and remarks, as a print or as a jewel. Accessories amplify and highlight the idea of dressing up as a play of contrasts: rethought cowboy boots are paired with bold-shaped bags. Textures and finishes are focal, enhanced by a rich palette of blacks and greys lit up with touches of turquoise, green and cobalt blue – night-time seductions, in a metropolitan scenario.

The latest collection is available at Emporio Armani, Moda Mall. 

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