1 The Digital Champion

by BTM

Fri, 03 November 2017

1 The Digital Champion

Mercedes-Benz held its annual Global Marketing Forum (GMF) this year in Lisbon, Portugal. This event has always been a key activity for the marketers of Mercedes-Benz and is a platform for the partakers to gain insights and knowledge of the brand, as well as to meet the top management and the global teams.

This year’s GMF was based on the digital theme and many topics discussed and briefed were related to the Mercedes-Benz vision and the digital era. Highlights of the event included first preview of unseen Mercedes-Benz, the marque’s brand ambassadors and the famous GMF Awards. It was attend by 34 representatives – the likes of Niki Lauda, Mike Horn, Susie Wolf, Garret McNamara, Felix Jaehn, Andreea Badala, Mandy Capristo, Rebecca Lim, Laura Tobon and many more.

The event also had five motivational guest speakers including Neil Harbissom, CEO, Cyborg Foundation, Alissia Iljaitsch, digital innovation strategist and co-founder, IQ Gemini, and Laurent Burdin, CEO, Space & Lemon.

The GMF was supported by the presence of the German headquarters management, with attendees Dr Jens Thimer, VP marketing Germany, Benjamin Syrig, overseas marketing head, and Natanael Sijanta, head of marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars Stuttgart, Germany.

For the past few years these awards have been highly appreciated among the global Mercedes-Benz team and have been a source of inspiration for many. This year, the three categories were: Best Viral (Campaign), Best Laureus/CSR and Digital Champion.

The competition was open to all the participants from more than 100 countries worldwide. They were invited to present their nominations of the categories for the first two awards and were judged by a panel of judges from the Mercedes-Benz Global.

The third and final category and award was based on creative use of the GMF 2017 app. Since the theme and topics were all digital-related, the app was created keeping in mind the various key points of the digital world that all of the markets use in the day to day work. The app, created by a German firm, was designed with various elements related to the digital world, and utilisation and mastering of the app would give the users points and an opportunity to win.

Imran S Ali, Al Haddad Motors marketing manager, won the accolade, scoring 3,008 points. The competition was contested by 159 global participants. “I am very proud to be a part of the Mercedes-Benz family and being able to represent and win on behalf of the Al Haddad Motors dealer and the GCC,” he says.

This is the first recognised award of its kind to have come from the Global Mercedes-Benz to the region.

The management of Al Haddad Motors has congratulated Imran on winning this honour and are proud of his achievement.  

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