A Once-in-a-lifetime Collection

by BTM

Sun, 08 August 2021

bahrain motoring news for august 2021

With just over 1,000 examples of the iconic Aston Martin DB5 built, to see one – let alone have the chance to buy one – is a moment to be cherished. But even among DB5s, connoisseurs look for those rarer still: the performance-enhanced Vantage versions, with less than 70 ever built. Now, Aston Martin specialist Nicholas Mee & Co, is offering for sale a once-in-a-lifetime trio of these DB5 Vantage icons, uniquely in Coupé, Convertible and one-of-one Shooting Brake variations. 

The Aston Martin DB5 itself is perhaps the most iconic British car of all time, best known as car of choice for James Bond himself, appearing first in the ‘60s but also making a reappearance in the very latest from the 007 franchise – its appeal is enduring.

Collected over a 12-year period, never before have these three most coveted examples been offered as a collection. Every one of them has been fully restored to the very highest standards by leading Aston Martin restoration specialists, allowing them to be enjoyed in as-new condition.