A Prophecy for the Future

by BTM

Sun, 05 April 2020

A Prophecy for the Future

Hyundai Motor Group unveiled its new Prophecy Concept EV during a video presentation showcasing the key elements of its styling and technology. 

The marque is expanding its product line-up to include 44 electrified vehicles, and the expectation is to sell more than 670,000 battery and fuel cell electric vehicles annually by 2025 and to be positioned among the top three EV providers globally. 

Prophecy establishes a new standard for the EV segment. The extended wheelbase and signature shorter overhang of the EV platform gives an iconic silhouette of perfect proportions. 

A Prophecy for the FutureThe exterior features a clean and simple uninterrupted streamline that extends from front to rear. In addition, the pixelated progressive lighting technology is integrated into the headlamp, tail lamp and spoiler, reflecting design elements presented with the Hyundai 45 concept.

The interior design also leverages the advantages offered by Hyundai’s electric platform, which it shares with the Hyundai 45 concept. A key feature is the joystick steering system, which provides greater interior space and offers more expansive views and ergonomic seating for the cabin occupants. The atmosphere inside Prophecy is continuously refreshed thanks to integrated clean air technology.