A Ray of Sunshine & Comfort

by BTM

Mon, 03 July 2017

A Ray of Sunshine & Comfort

The JAC Motors Sunray is a new 2017 model year van/minibus that is taking the world by storm. Its makers say it is more practical and safer than a van, as spacious as a coach and as comfortable to drive as a sedan. 

It comes in two variants – a large-capacity commercial van and a 15-seater minibus – both available in standard or luxury trim. The Sunray has a 3.6-metre wheelbase, which means it has huge amounts of interior space, so passengers have plenty of room to stretch out.

JAC claims to be China’s most export-focused commercial automaker with vehicles that are said to offer the latest emission-compliant engines, advanced transmissions and international components.

Under the bonnet is a 2.8-litre diesel engine that provides ample power for quick response and steady driving. In terms of safety, the Sunray comes with anti-lock brakes and SRS airbags to ensure occupant safety. To make things even easier for the driver, the Sunray is equipped with reverse sensors to help when parking. Further, it boasts halogen headlights that help with visibility, even when the weather is bad.

The Sunray features, high-back recliner seats with hand rests, which makes it more comfortable than a minibus with flat bench seats. The vehicle has a high roof, which allows for comfortable entry and exit, and it is equipped with a range of safety features, making it an ideal choice for school or passenger transport.  

This impressive vehicle’s exterior was designed by JAC’s Research & Development facility in Turin, Italy, while its team in Tokyo, Japan, was responsible for styling the interior.

The vehicle is widely used and particularly popular as transport for hotels, cabin crew, schools and staff, and for commercial purposes. Prices start from BD7,500 on road with a three-year 100,000kms warranty.

The JAC Motors showroom is located at Segaya Plaza, Zinj.

 Call 17 270-270.

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