A Sound First

by BTM

Fri, 27 July 2018

A Sound First

Bentley and Bang & Olufsen integrated the Danish brand’s revolutionary BeoSonic interface into the new Continental GT, thereby breaking new ground in the automotive world.

A user-friendly touchscreen on an interface, featuring an eclipse design, allows for the sound tuning of Bang & Olufsen BeoSonic One-Touch Experience providing four distinct audio spaces: Bright, Energetic, Warm and Relaxed. The user can manipulate the music to suit their current mood with a colour palette showing the chosen sound mode. The system features 16 active loudspeakers and a powerful 1500-watt BeoCore DSP amplifier, ensuring an impressive high-quality sound. 

The tightly placed design of the speaker grilles, featuring a uniquely designed Fibonacci hole pattern, achieves the best acoustic transparency. What’s more, the LED illumination of the holes is a treat for the driver’s eyes as the system turns on. With reduced exterior noise as well, this luxury car brand provides a unique sound experience and is proof of high value British manufacturing at its best.