Exclusive Service Contracts For Peace Of Mind

by BTM

Sun, 06 January 2019

Exclusive Service Contracts For Peace Of Mind

Want to enjoy your Mercedes-Benz hassle-free? Al Haddad Motors is giving you a deal not to be missed on Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts inclusive of several exclusive benefits.

The Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts are tailored to meet your individual needs and you can enjoy savings of up to 30 per cent on the accumlated service maintenance costs for the duration of the contracts as all scheduled maintenance services are covered.

At Al Haddad Motors, all vehicle maintenance services are performed by Mercedes-Benz certified technicians and all the equipment used is Mercedes-Benz approved. The company also ensures the use of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Oil and Genuine Parts for optimal performance and compatibility.

Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts from Al Haddad Motors are also accompanied by a complete and detailed service history of the vehicle that is explained by the service advisor.

Using this service allows vehicle owners to ensure an increased vehicle resale value since the vehicle will be in top condition. Moreover, the complete service history gives buyers the assurance that there an no hidden faults in the vehicle. Additionally, Service Contracts are applicable on the vehicle and will not be void if the ownership is transferred.

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