Al Haddad Motors - Safety, Style and Advanced Technology

by BTM

Tue, 01 October 2019

Al Haddad Motors Safety, Style and Advanced Technology

Warren Hudson, General Manager of Al Haddad Motors tells us about iconic German brand Mercedes-Benz’s Bahrain presence.

How long has Al Haddad represented Mercedes-Benz in Bahrain?
Al Haddad Motors (AHM) has been the sole Authorised Group Distributor for the Mercedes Benz business since 1958, so it has been more than 60 years now.

What made the company go with this particular brand?
Members of the Al Haddad family were educated and trained in Germany in the 1950s. Mercedes-Benz was the dominating automotive brand back then, as it is still to this day; pioneering many automotive advances. It was the only decision the company could make, to choose the most desired brand in the world.

What do you feel is in the DNA of German brands that makes them stand out from others?
Technology, sportiness, long history of automotive engineering whilst striving to achieve new automotive advancements are the main factors, they are what makes the Mercedes Brand stand out from others. 

The wide range of options and various classes have just added to that strong DNA. The technology has been so progressive, indeed Mercedes-Benz has already developed technology we will all experience in future years, such as both electric and autonomous vehicles. Significant developments have also been made in the safety of both driver and passengers, especially when we consider the different driving and passenger placements in vehicles of the future!

How many facilities does Al Haddad have across the Kingdom? 
Al Haddad Motors has two facilities in Bahrain. One is in Tubli where the New and Certified Pre-Owned vehicle showrooms operate. On the other side of town is our Customer Service Workshop and Commercial Vehicle sales department based in Salmabad. Both of the Al Haddad Motors facilities are undergoing major refurbishments currently, designed to greatly enhance our valued customers’ experience. Hence AHM being one of the first Mercedes-Benz dealers in the region to adopt the All New Mercedes-Benz brand standards for 2020. 

Apart from the iconic family and sporting vehicles, what else can customers find from Mercedes-Benz at Al Haddad?
Al Haddad Motors is the sole distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Bahrain offering both passenger and commercial vehicles, that includes vans, trucks and buses and course many other Lifestyle products. 

Which are your most popular vehicles in the Bahrain market?
The Most popular vehicles are the C-Class, E-Class and the S-Class; they cater to various target audiences and, apart from the most popular models, we also have niche vehicles such as SLC, SL, the cabs and the cabriolets. 

What is the main attraction?
Our latest addition is the all new A-Class Sedan. It has just been added to the A-Class family, which previously consisted of the hatch back. Soon to arrive is the new CLA which also adds to the NGCC Family (Next Generation Compact Cars). 

The A-Class Sedan was the most recent launch, in august, and we will be previewing the CLA at the German Unity Day Event – which will be its regional debut!

Do you have any particular offers or promotions in the coming months?
The C-Class Family starting from BD21,995; A-Class starting from BD12,995.

You can find out more and interact with Al Haddad Motors at
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Youtube: Mercedes-Benz Bahrain.