Al Haddad Motors - The Magnificent E-Class Offer

by BTM

Wed, 29 January 2020

Al Haddad Motors Merced Benz E-Class Offer

A luxurious Mercedes-Benz E-Class with an exclusive package deal sounds like an opportunity not to be missed with Al Haddad Motors.

For a limited time, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, both the sedan and the coupe, include a five-year service package as well as a five-year Mercedes-Benz warranty.

The E-Class is sophisticated, confidently stylish and sporty. Its design displays hallmark Mercedes-Benz sedan proportions. The interior embodies the synthesis of emotion and intelligence; poles that are defined by the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy – distinct forms with a sensual flow.

The ambient lighting system creates a unique atmosphere in the interior. At night, in particular, it highlights the fine lines and exclusive character of the interior design and conveys a feeling of spaciousness.

The single-unit taillights, featuring LED technology, create a visual highlight while improving visibility. The taillight is integrated into a luminous two-torch design featuring a crystal look with 39 LEDs on the second and fourth levels. The luminosity of the brake lights varies depending on the light conditions so as to avoid dazzling other road users. The rear lights provide an additional highlight reminiscent of stardust. This “stardust effect” is making its debut appearance in the E-Class.

A choice of 64 different colours enables drivers to create their own signature lighting mood. The ambient lighting is based entirely on LED technology and can be simply adjusted, dimmed or switched off via the media display. It is activated and deactivated with the exterior lights and the lights also come on when the doors are opened, to welcome you to an interior that adapts to your needs.

The optional widescreen cockpit with flat-screen look – only available in conjunction with the command online system – consists of two 31.2-cm (12.3-inch) high-resolution displays. It offers a graphic representation of vehicle functions in colour. The driver can choose from the three dynamic display styles: classic, sport or progressive. An ingenious idea is the inductively chargeable smartphone – just place it on the charging station in the centre console!

Efficiency, comfort and dynamics are on a whole new level with the E-Class – the 9G-tronic automatic transmission is the world’s first nine-speed automatic transmission in the premium segment that can be deployed with longitudinally mounted engines and features a hydrodynamic torque converter. The high efficiency helps to reduce fuel consumption.

Smaller gear ratio increments and faster gear changes lead to even greater responsiveness and agility. At the same time, the 9G-tronic impresses with its smooth, barely perceptible gear shifting.

When you drive through the city, it will feel as if you’re just floating along. You will reach your destinations more quickly and safely, as the E-Class is always well informed and alert.

Equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems such as PRE-SAFE, blind spot assist and active lane keeping assist, the lane-tracking package helps you stay safe on the road and takes some of the effort out of driving. It not only prevents you veering out of your lane unintentionally, but also warns you against changing lanes when it's dangerous to do so.

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