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An All New Experience

by BTM

Tue, 03 October 2017

An All New Experience

A brand-new fleet of 2017 Land Rover vehicles has landed at the Kingdom’s Land Rover Experience (LRE) centre with the All-New Discovery joining the line-up for the first time.

Euro Motors, the exclusive Jaguar Land Rover dealer in the Kingdom, announced the renewal of the fleet located at the LRE at Bahrain International Circuit (BIC).

The new line-up will offer drivers the opportunity of experiencing the aweinspiring capabilities of the latest iterations of “the best SUVs in the world”. The fleet includes one Range Rover Sport, one Range Rover Evoque, one Land Rover Discovery Sport and four All-New Discovery vehicles, each with its own strengths and unique characteristics.

Euro Motors GM, Stephen Lay, says: “With the renewal of the fleet, LRE customers can now enjoy the immense power and capability of our 2017 models. Furthermore, with the pioneering inclusion of the All-New Discovery in our latest fleet, LRE customers are now given the unique opportunity to get their hands on the most versatile SUV ever built and experience it in all its glory.”