An Electrifying Speedster

by BTM

Wed, 05 September 2018

An Electrifying Speedster

Bridging past and future, the INFINITI Prototype 10 represents a physical manifestation of INFINITI’s creative and ambitious plans for electrified performance.
From 2021, every new INFINITI model will feature electric drivetrain technology to enhance performance. The Prototype 10 provides a window into INFINITI’s desire to deliver driving pleasure, thrilling performance and range confidence.
The Prototype 10 has been designed under the direction of INFINITI’s new executive design director Karim Habib. He says: “Electrification provides new opportunities for the design and layout of our cars.” While the Prototype 10 retains the clean, uninterrupted surfaces of the Q Inspiration Concept – an elongated, coupé-like sedan – it telegraphs the performance benefits of electric powertrains with a more purposeful speedster configuration.