A Unique Line-up

by BTM

Tue, 30 July 2019

McLaren bahrain

In a sight to get motor fans’ pulses racing, for the first time ever, McLaren brought together an example of every model of its modern sports cars and supercars at the luxury maker’s global headquarters in Woking, UK.

 The special line-up of over 25 cars, estimated to be worth around BD23.7m, included iconic models such as the P1 GTR – the track version of the world’s first ever hybrid hyper car – through to the new McLaren Speedtail of which only 106 will ever be produced.

Despite McLaren Automotive only being founded under a decade ago, it recently built its 20,000th car and with a BD56.8m investment strategy, will launch a further 14 models or derivatives between now and 2025. Under the company’s ambitious Track25 business plan, all McLaren’s sports cars and supercars will be hybridised with an equal focus on using advanced materials to save weight and enable exhilarating performance.