Bringing Design Values to The Screen

by BTM

Sat, 12 December 2020

Bringing Design Values to The Screen

Luxury car brand, Bentley Motors, reignites their state-of-the-art technology with their truly luxurious Continental GT or Flying Spur. Through the work of their Human Machine Interface (HMI) team, led by Graeme Smith - the specialists responsible for Bentley’s infotainment systems, users can now experience the brand’s enduring design values on screen. The HMI team have worked to give the digital screens integrated throughout the vehicles the classic Bentley look with digital designs in harmony with physical interiors.

The ability to connect with smartphones, view 3D digital mapping, summon up music, movies (for the passengers) and control the cabin ambience at the touch of a finger all comes from pixels and microprocessors rather than cables and gears. The screens are enabled with 30 different languages, including right-to-left and vertical reading too. 

One of Bentley’s latest digital design innovations is the new dim screen mode, for those times when you don’t need any navigation or infotainment to distract you from the road ahead.