Electrifying Luxury with the BMW 7 Series

by BTM

Sat, 06 August 2022

Electrifying Luxury with the BMW 7 Series Bahrain

The first series-produced vehicles of the new BMW 7 Series have rolled off the production lines of BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, Germany and are expected to be available to customers worldwide by autumn this year. In a double debut, the new top-of-the-range BMW has been manufactured not only with highly efficient combustion engines but also as the fully electric BMW i7. The BMW 7 Series is the first luxury sedan in the world to offer customers a choice between three types of drive: fully electric, combustion-powered and, soon, plug-in hybrid.

Plant Dingolfing, in Lower Bavaria, has been the home of the flagship BMW 7 Series since 1977 and is now manufacturing the seventh generation. To date, it has manufactured a grand total of over 11 million BMW cars, and a further production milestone is on the schedule this year: the two millionth BMW 7 Series. 

The BMW Group invested over EUR300 million to ready the Dingolfing vehicle plant for production of the new BMW 7 Series.The European plant is increasingly being transformed into a BMW iFACTORY practising the ‘Lean. Green. Digital.’ Approach with sustainable production in Plant Dingolfing is realised by a range of measures. These include sourcing 100 percent green energy, re-using several hundred existing production robots in the bodyshop, and reducing the consumption of resources in the paintshop. 

In addition, Dingolfing currently has a recycling quota of over 90 percent and an even higher re-use quota of more than 99 percent. In 2021, this sent total residual waste tumbling to just 580 grams per car produced.