Euro Motors - The Best of Motoring

by BTM

Sat, 02 October 2021

David McGoldrick Group General Manager at Euro Motors

David McGoldrick, Group General Manager at Euro Motors, talks about how the company has offered the best of German motoring to Bahrain. 

Euro Motors is a well-known motoring company bringing the best of German automobile brands to Bahrain.  Its holding company, Al Zayani Investments, and its predecessor, began its relationship with BMW in 1998. 

David McGoldrick says: “We have developed a strong relationship with our German suppliers based on integrity, honesty, and long-term commitment to investment, whilst adhering to brand standards. This collaborative relationship allows Euro Motors to bring the full range of models and services to Bahrain.”

The organisation has adopted timely strategic changes to cope with the challenges presented by the pandemic. “Customers can now view ‘New Cars Stock’ and reserve a model of choice online. Online payments to all departments can now be made 24 hours a day via the Euro Motors website,” he says.

 Speaking about the company’s approach to pandemic precautions, Mr. McGoldrick says: “We fully adhere to government guidelines to keep our staff and customers safe. Extended workshop hours and development of flexible shift patterns are in place to reduce staff contact.” Euro Motors’ German brand portfolio are icons of the industry representing the best in German design, technology and construction. 

“Euro Motors is committed to its relationship with its German partners, and we will continue to work with them to bring the best of the German motor industry to Bahrain,” he concludes.

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