Gearing Up for 2024

by BTM

Sun, 07 January 2024

Gearing Up for 2024

As we launch into 2024, the future of automobiles is full of exciting promises. Here are my predictions on the top trends we’ll see this year.

Motoring never stops evolving, and after another momentous year for the industry and an even greater gear shift towards an electric future, 2024 promises to drive vehicular technology further forward. Kristian Harrison looks at the potential innovations set to drive the automotive landscape this year.

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)
Self-driving or autonomous vehicles have been the talk of the town since the idea surfaced. They can eliminate or minimise the need for human intervention and can transform everyday transportation by reducing downtime, increasing fuel efficiency and improving safety. For example, if a driver is showing signs of fatigue or neglect, there is a higher risk of causing an accident. Advanced recognition technologies, like AI-enhanced computer vision, can help avoid these mishaps. Whether self-driving would work on Bahrain’s roads where the driving can be, let’s say… somewhat unpredictable, remains to be seen. 

One of the prominent trends is the search for more aerodynamic designs, where energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions take centre stage. Electric and hybrid cars are leading the way, incorporating lightweight structures and intelligent designs to maximise autonomy.

Whether these predictions to actually come true or not remains to be seen, but remember to keep an eye on Bahrain This Month throughout the year for the latest motoring news, exciting test drive experiences and honest reviews.

Rise in Digital Automobile Sales 
In parts of North America and Europe, automobile manufacturers have helped customers skip an in-person visit to the dealership and facilitated an online pick or purchase. With a computer or smartphone, buyers can shop at their convenience, explore, and select the features they want on a car and select their financing options to pay for the car.

Sustainability reflects the growing global environmental concern. Car manufacturers are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, and 2024 promises more initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint. Eco-friendly cars, such as hybrids and hydrogen-powered cars, are becoming the norm, and subscription-based services offer consumers flexible ownership options, aligning with a more conscious lifestyle. 

Connected cars use wireless technology to offer a multimedia experience in the comfort of your car. By using on-demand features, you can explore anything on the web while sitting in your vehicle.

This year, expect to see more models able to connect and exchange data with other vehicles (V2V), an electric vehicle grid (V2G), public infrastructure (V2I), as well as with new and emerging ways to utilise vehicle data (V2X).