Hyundai’s All-Electric IONIQ 6

by BTM

Sat, 06 August 2022

Hyundai’s All-Electric IONIQ 6

Hyundai Motor Company has revealed the streamlined and timeless design of the IONIQ 6 - the second model in its IONIQ dedicated all-electric-vehicle lineup brand. 

Inspired by Hyundai’s Prophecy EV Concept, IONIQ 6 is characterised by clean, simple lines and a pure aerodynamic form. IONIQ 6’s electrified streamliner typology and mindful cocoon-like interior embody a silhouette for the new era of electric mobility, while the overall design theme of Ethical Uniqueness reflects Hyundai’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

IONIQ 6 has an ultra-low drag coefficient of just 0.21, assisted by its low nose, active air flaps at the front, wheel gap reducers, and optional slim digital side mirrors. The IONIQ 6’s aerodynamic aptitude is further heightened with its elliptical wing-inspired spoiler with winglet, slight boat-tail structure, and separation traps on both sides of the rear bumper. Even underneath the car, the undercarriage has a full cover, optimised deflectors and reduced wheel-arch gap to achieve better aerodynamics.

In addition, the designers applied sustainable materials to the exterior, including recycled pigment paint from end-of-life tires to the cladding and bamboo charcoal pigment paint to the body.