JAC Motors - The All-Rounder

by BTM

Sat, 07 July 2018

JAC Motors - The All-Rounder

The styling of the JAC Motors Sunray multi-van has been created and developed by the company’s design centre in Turin, Italy, while the interior was conceived by the Tokyo, Japan, design centre using European advanced products as the benchmark.

More practical, comfortable and safer than the traditional van, it is as spacious as a coach, as comfortable to drive as a sedan and its loading capacity matches many vans. 

JAC is known as China’s most export-focused commercial vehicle maker, with models that offer the latest emission compliant engines, advanced transmissions and international componentry as well as their European styling.

JAC’s range in Bahrain is led by the Sunray, a 3.6-metre wheelbase van that certainly displays those European design standards. With its seriously spacious interior, the Sunray is available in two options: as a large-capacity commercial van, or as a 15-seater mini bus, in either standard or luxury trim.

Powered by a 2.8-litre diesel Cummins engine, the Sunray comes with anti-lock brakes and SRS airbags. The front of the vehicle features a soft outside line for headlights and fog lights, and an inverted U curve on the natural front angle of the windward side creates an ultra-low-drag coefficient that is dynamic and enterprising. The side mirrors offer a unique wide view with zero wind noise. 
In terms of comfort and safety, the vehicle offers comfortable high-back recliner seats with hand rests and seat belts. And the Sunray’s high roof ensures ease when boarding and alighting the bus.

Eagle-eye-design headlights show the vehicle’s spirit, while halogen headlights provide good penetration to ensure safe driving on foggy days. They also offer easy maintenance at a low cost. As well, the vehicle boasts reversing radar warning equipment for ease of parking and safety. 

The Sunray is widely used in hotel, air crew, school and staff transportation and for commercial purposes in the panel van segment. 

The Sunray is priced from BD7,500 on the road with three years/100,000km warranty. Sunray is offered by JAC Motors at its showroom at Segaya Plaza, Zinj. Why not arrange a test drive and see the vehicle for yourself?

Call 17 270-270.