Mercedes C200 Test Drive

by BTM

Thu, 05 March 2020

Dick Potter puts the new Mercedes-Benz C200 through its paces.

I ’ve been driving my trusty Mercedes for over 23 years now, so when I get the call from Al Haddad motors for an opportunity to drive a newer model, then it is a treat indeed!

This C200 model did indeed prove to be just that. The C200 is the new generation in the C class. The C class, if you include the preceding C190 has sold over 10 million units since 1982, successful is an understatement!

One in 5 of all Mercedes is a C-class model. The C200 incorporates more than 6,000 changes from its predecessor, nearly 50% of all its components, whilst maintaining a similar look. The changes mainly involve electronics, taken chiefly from the S class in safety and self-driving technology, and a new range of engines.

Mercedes Benz BahrainThe C200 has a 2 liter, 4 cylinder power unit producing 204bhp and gives a surprising 16.4kms/liter fuel economy which, in a small saloon market that is extremely competitive, this is vital.

Sliding into the driver’s seat may seem a little overwhelming with its array of buttons, levers and knobs but you quickly learn their purposes. They mostly configure to operate with ease without you having to take your eyes off the road.

The Germans are extremely clever and hence you can bet this car is with features such as Apple car play, lane tracking, blind spot assist, park assist, rain sensor wipers, 360-degree cameras-lots of lovely techie stuff there! And I still maintain the infotainment system and ease of SATNAV by Mercedes are top of the league. A large instrument display has three display options of classic, sport and progressive.

The interior is typically Mercedes, luxurious and refined. Its also surprisingly spacious for the back-seat passengers with excellent headroom for the taller amongst us and has a spacious trunk for those shopping or holdiay trips.

Cruising along, my goodness, it is quiet. The only time I heard the engine is when I successfully pushed it to test its claim of 0-100kms in 7.1 seconds.

The C200 is an emphatic affirmative from me for comfort, safety, user-friendly technology, performance, fuel economy and of course good looks. Any negatives? I was provided with the much loved principal Mercedes-Benz colour of  “iridium silver metallic” – but I prefer black, not much to complain about then!

I look forward to my next encounter with this prodigy manufacturer sooner rather than later In the meantime, I urge you to go see this model, and others of course, in the newly refurbished Al Haddad showroom in Tubli.