Mercedes Welcomes New Era

by BTM

Sun, 05 June 2022

Mercedes Welcomes New Era

Mercedes-Benz thrust itself into the future when it launched the luxury saloon EQS and the sporty executive saloon EQE, the marque’s entry into the all-electric upper market segment. 

Now the brand is preparing to launch the third model to share architecture in this series, the EQS SUV.

The model offers plenty of space, comfort and connectivity for up to seven passengers in its avant-garde, luxurious interior. Thanks to powerful electric motors, responsive 4MATIC all-wheel drive and an intelligent OFFROAD driving mode, the EQS SUV is also capable of tackling light terrain with ease.

The EQS Saloon is the current aerodynamics world champion for production cars, with a smooth underbody and efficiency.

All EQS SUVs have an electric drive train on the rear axle, and the versions with 4MATIC also have aneATS on the front axle, showing a major step towards zero-emission mobility.
Finally, in addition to the Dynamic Select driving modes Eco, Sport, Comfort and Individual, the 4MATIC versions feature Offroad.