Middle East Debut for Audi AI:RACE

by BTM

Thu, 01 June 2023

Middle East Debut for Audi AI:RACE

For the first time, Audi Middle East has brought the brand’s world-renowned AI:RACE prototype model, which embodies the future of high performance, to the region at the Museum of the Future in Dubai. A ground-breaking prototype, the AI:RACE is a true masterpiece of automotive engineering, showcasing Audi’s forward-thinking, innovative spirit. Sleek, powerful and eco-friendly, the Audi AI:RACE is an all-electric, high-performance supercar.

The AI:RACE is the latest of several iconic models and concept cars to be displayed in the Museum of the Future, including the Audi Vision GT, A6 Avant e-tron concept, Skysphere, A:I ME, and most recently the S1 Hoonitron. Part of the successful ongoing strategic partnership between Audi Middle East and the museum, which is currently in its second year, the collaboration aims to showcase the future of mobility in a series of exciting Audi concept models to museum visitors. 

Designed for both the race track and road use, the Audi AI:RACE’s driver’s seat and cockpit are integrated into a uniquely shaped, sliding inner monocoque shell. The powerful electric drivetrain features three motors, which provide a combined power output of up to 500kW allowing the vehicle to reach 0-100kmph in just over two seconds.