My Life in Cars - November 2020

by BTM

Tue, 03 November 2020

My Life in Cars - November 2020

Dick Potter tells us about his Ferrari’s illustrious journey.

Five years ago, the missus and I splurged on a Ferrari 430F convertible. It remains one of the most expensive buys we have made on four wheels.  No regrets however, as it is beautiful, an art form which appeals to all the senses as you can imagine. Lamentably, in the years since we have had it here on our sunny island it was simply not used enough. The weather was either too hot, wet, or dusty to exercise it-a travesty of this powerful machine - not withstanding my tendency towards ‘polisher’ rather than ‘driver’ I reluctantly concede.

Half-heartedly, we thought it a good idea to send it back to Blighty. A good friend and like-minded car aficionado offered to let her reside at his country mansion where we could - when in the UK - use it to access a greater variety of destinations in the UK and continental Europe. To this end, late last year, we waved adieu to her as she was loaded from our garage, taken to port, and lashed into a container to be sent on her merry way to Southampton. Turk transport merit a well-earned mention here for their effortless management of all the requisite paperwork on the door to door arrangements.

To our relief, she arrived safely and unscathed at port - mercifully avoiding much rumoured sea pirates en-route- it probably wasn’t a good idea to watch the movie ‘Captain Philips’ during her voyage period?! On arrival, she was delivered to a Ferrari workshop in Maidstone where she had a much - needed spruce up before being kindly collected by my friend and adeptly trailered off his house in Kent. She now resides in a hermetically sealed car cocoon - that is its garage to you and me.  Since then, largely due to COVID-19 restrictions, she has remained resting like a boxer in the corner waiting for the bell.

Given some easing of the COVID-19 lockdown (yes, changed again since then, *insert eyeroll*) her guardian managed to arrange a local garage to give her the Ministry of Transport seal of approval, which she passed. This is the first stage of getting the car registered and obtaining the necessary UK registration plates - she currently still sports her Bahrain export plates - they’re Ferrari red, wonder if I could request Her Majesty’s Government for her new permanent plates to be the same colour?!

Next step, completion of the UK registration form. This requires information from the Certificate of Conformity, which accompanies the car when it’s purchased. Could I locate that? Of course not. Thankfully, the kind chaps at Euromotors have since contacted Ferrari HQ at Maranello to helpfully send. I’m currently awaiting this in order to complete the paperwork and wire off to the men in suits at the requisite licencing office. Once this is complete, insurance needs to be paid and obtained and-Boris and the dreaded COVID- permitting, we look forward to introducing her to the roads of the UK over the festive season.  A quick endnote to me mate Trent (likewise a Ferrari owner- I did an article on visiting him in the country last winter, remember?) I shall not be driving her down that access lane to your pad, unless those potholes - which could swallow a horse and cart - are filled, the sun is shining and the lane is free of mud… Here’s to the next Ferrari driving instalment!

Happy driving all and stay safe. [email protected]