Past, Present and Future

by BTM

Mon, 31 December 2018

BTM motoring correspondent, Dick Potter, checked out a very special event highlighting all things Audi.

I have always liked Audi, from saloons to sports to off-road SUVs, they all exude quality and stylish looks. So, when I was invited to a Behbehani Brothers’ jazzy presentation function at the new Audi Centre, advertised as Bahrain has gone Audi, it was an easy reply of “Yes please”.

‘Jazzy’ it was, with a great audiovisual display generating a palpable buzz about the place, there was a visual  countdown on a huge screen and as zero clicked the general manager eloquently and with the showmanship of a ringmaster (without a whip though) introduced a smorgasbord of Audis driven across the spot-lit stage. All glided and the beautiful, sleek R8 roared culminating with the gorgeous 2019 Audi Q8 TFSI which continues receiving kudos and high fives in leading media reviews.

It was a great night which also showed off the jaw-dropping and successful FIA Formula E race car. And further, the AV presentation stated that by 2025, one in three Audis is planned to be electric powered ...impressive stuff indeed.