Reporting A Surge

by BTM

Sat, 05 June 2021

Reporting A Surge

As PEUGEOT continues to buck the automotive industry with its strong comeback into the GCC, the French automaker announced positive sales results in its first quarter. Buoyed by a successful performance to the fourth quarter in 2020, recent figures released by PEUGEOT indicate an increase of 210 percent and 420 percent for its passenger and light commercial vehicle (LCV) segments respectively. 

During Q1 of 2021, PEUGEOT expanded its operations in key markets such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain, growing its customer base and resulting in a significant increase in sales. Its passenger vehicle sales more than tripled, with products such as the 3008 SUV and 5008 SUV driving growth by 173 percent and 254 percent respectively and the 508 increasing by 270 percent.  

With the onset of COVID-19, Peugeot struck key deals with Noon, Amazon and DHL to support the rise of E-commerce. In addition, the brand prioritised the production of LCVs like the Partner, which accounted for a significant proportion of new vehicles in the GCC, to support deliveries and distribution networks. This resulted in the brand’s LCV segment performing strongly with sales up by 420 percent.