Saudi Arabia’s First-ever Women-only Motorsport Event

by BTM

Sun, 06 March 2022

Saudi Arabia’s First-ever Women-only Motorsport Event

History is being made in Saudi Arabia this year as the Kingdom hosts its first-ever women’s only motorsport event. Rally Jameel, which is initiated by Abdul Latif Jameel Motors and Bakhashab Motorsports, is the latest world-class motorsport event to be hosted in Saudi Arabia as it is sanctioned by the Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation (SAMF) and supported by the FIA, through their Women in Motorsport (WIMC) program. 

The off-road rally is not designed as a speed test, rather it is about using navigational skills to traverse a route, which will cover between 300 and 500km per day. Each day’s route will only be issued the night before, with everyone taking part seeing it at the same time. The uniquely designed route will pass through some of the Kingdom’s most spectacular scenery - starting in the north-central city of Hail, passing through Al-Qassim city and then heading to the capital, Riyadh. Each team will consist of two female racers. 

With Saudi Arabia now hosting an FIA Formula One race, as well as the famous Dakar Rally, which featured Saudi female racers, Dania Akeel and Mashael Al-Obaidan, there is a growing interest in motor-related sports, especially off-road racing and rallying.