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Service at Its Best | Al Haddad Motors

by BTM

Fri, 30 March 2018

Service at Its Best | Al Haddad Motors

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Al Haddad Motors has received the award for the 2017 Best After-Sales CSI Improvement at the Regional MBCME After-Sales Conference 2018. The award was presented to Al Haddad Motors general manager Warren Hudson by MBCME after-sales director Thilo Grossmann.

Held in Lebanon, the Regional MBCME After-Sales Conference was attended by representatives from Daimler AG and MBCME, including president and CEO of MBCME, Mark De Haes, as well as managers from the general distributors.

The slogan for the conference was ‘One vision, One mission, One team’ and several general distributors took this event as an opportunity to share best practices, discuss different strategies for 2018 and participate in different after-sales, business-related workshops.

Al Haddad Motors held a ceremony at the Salmabad premises to celebrate the achievement of the award and honour its employees for their efforts, hard work and dedication towards customer satisfaction. The company also expressed its thanks to the customers for instilling their trust in Mercedes-Benz and Al Haddad Motors.