Showroom Upgrade

by BTM

Wed, 31 October 2018

Showroom Upgrade

Improvements bring the Mercedes-Benz showroom in line with global distributor retailer standards.

Al Haddad Motors has recently upgraded its entire Mercedes-Benz Bahrain business units. The Mercedes-Benz New Car and Certified Pre-owned Showrooms have been completely refurbished and the overhaul of the Mercedes-Benz Service Centre is under way. These enhancements were undertaken in order to be aligned with the global Mercedes-Benz standards and enhance best customer experience. 

Al Haddad Motors has made improvements to the interior of the showroom that include changing the colour scheme from blue to white, as well as enhancing the reception area to be aligned with the brand’s global image.
There have also been other major enhancements, the most remarkable being the new illuminated signage on the showroom façade. Another notable upgrade, in compliance with the global Mercedes-Benz Distributor Retail Standards, is the new external colour of the showroom, which is black. Moreover, the recent change includes a whole range of new internal signage. 

The concept behind the updates is to have a globally unified Mercedes-Benz image within every facility and to give customers the same look and feel when visiting any Mercedes-Benz facility worldwide. 

Warren Hudson, the GM of Al Haddad Motors, says: “The new brand rollout has given the business a complete new feel and the change has brought a lot of good vibes to the business. The showroom now looks great.”

The Al Haddad Motors Certified Pre-owned Showroom was also revamped and launched in February 2018. The infrastructure of the showroom was completely updated and now has the capacity to house a lot more cars. Recently, the Certified Pre-owned Showroom signage was also updated as part of the distributor retail standards.

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