Sustainable Transportation in The Pipeline

by BTM

Sun, 04 October 2020

Lucid Motors Bahrain

Lucid Motors, which seeks to set new standards for sustainable transportation with its luxury EVs, has announced that Lucid Air will be introduced to the automotive market with class-leading interior space and spatial efficiency, packaged around a powerful, compact, and energy dense 113kWh extended-range battery pack. This combination maximizes customer comfort and provides surprising storage space, including the largest front trunk ever offered on an electric car.

The innovative approach to automotive layout and engineering packaging, called the Lucid Space Concept, capitalizes upon the miniaturization of Lucid’s in-house developed EV drivetrain and battery pack to optimize interior cabin space within Lucid Air’s relatively compact exterior footprint. 

Lucid Air is the first EV designed from the ground up around the spatial benefits enabled by the miniaturization of an electric drivetrain and battery pack. Created in parallel with the in-house development of Lucid’s powerful, efficient, and miniaturized drivetrain, the Lucid Air is a luxury, all-electric sedan with an estimated EPA range of up to 517 miles as well as up to 1,000 horsepower available from its dual-motor architecture.