Tactical Offers | Al Haddad Motors - Mercedes-Benz Bahrain

by BTM

Fri, 30 March 2018

Tactical Offers | Al Haddad Motors - Mercedes-Benz Bahrain

Motoring Bites

Drive away with the car of your dreams with the latest offering from Al Haddad Motors. Whether you are interested in performance, safety or luxury, the dealership has the car that fits your needs. An array of choice includes an AMG GT, AMG A 45, CLS, SLC and GLC, all at unbeatable prices, in limited quantities. 

For performance lovers, look no further than the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and AMG A 45. Handcrafted by racers, these models are the epitome of motorsport performance. The AMG DYNAMIC PLUS that is unique to the AMG GT provides for better performance with optimised handling. And the AMG A 45 is the fastest four-cylinder hatchback in the world. The AMG GT is priced at BD54,995 and the AMG A 45 is available for BD19,995.

For lavish designs, the CLS and SLC are a great choice. Equipped with AMG body stylings, both cars enjoy luxurious and sporty aesthetics. The CLS, a four-door coupé with spacious rear seats, is priced at BD24,995 and the SLC, a two-door hard-top convertible, costs BD16,995.

Another unbeatable offer is the GLC. With safety features like a baby seat ISOFIX, Collision Prevention Assist Plus and Blind Spot Assist as well as various comfort features, the GLC is the ideal family car.