The Business Taskmaster - JAC

by BTM

Sat, 28 July 2018

The Business Taskmaster - JAC

The M1 Refine defines the role of business efficiency.

JAC’s Refine Minibus is an ultimate choice for any business. With options from three to 12 seats, the wagon plays a variety of business and leisure roles: as a hotel shuttle, for tourists on sightseeing trips or for taking businesspeople to the big event. 

The Refine bus comes in a range of colour options, which combined with its fashionable design element, reliability and economy, are part of the vehicle’s DNA. The stable, modern exterior is complemented by a comfortable, convenient and spacious interior. 

The Refine features a vivacious design and LED cornering lamps. The wagon versions boast a pair of fog lamps, which are neatly blended into the lower section of the front bumper. With their high penetration capability, you will feel more secure. 

The 12-seat model offers a quiet cocoon in which driver and passengers lack nothing of substance. The general sense of roominess is helped by having the gear lever located on the central console, thus helping to create a full-length flat floor space. The Refine’s clever design allows the seats to be tipped up, slid or reclined. Whatever the circumstances, there’s sure to be a combination to suit your requirements. 

Safety is a key element in every JAC vehicle and the Refine MPV has an impressive new safety-surround design. The driver and front seat passenger in the wagon can be reassured with the inclusion of twin air bags. In a serious accident, these devices instantly inflate to help protect the seat occupants from injury. The body is made from high-strength material to absorb impact in case of a collision.

Large and powerful disc brakes are available on the rear wheels as well as those on the front. They provide the high level of stopping performance required when a wagon or van is fully laden. The ABS+EBD braking systems guarantee driving safety.

The two- or three-seater Refine is not just a sensible business tool. While it is primarily a practical, hard-working load carrier, those seated upfront will appreciate the high degree of comfort and convenience that feature in a beautifully appointed passenger cabin. Behind, the cargo compartment is a giant box more than 2.37m long, 1.65m wide and 1.15m high. 

The rear seats are arranged in a two plus three configuration and passengers can enjoy the extra space afforded by the new wider body.

The JAC M1 Refine three-seater cargo van is available at just BD3,495 as a special offer this Ramadan. Alternatively, the vehicle is available to lease at BD120 per month (terms and conditions apply). 

Take a look and try out the range of JAC vehicles. For attractive finance schemes and test drives, visit the JAC showroom located at Segaya Plaza, Zinj. Ramadan timings are 9am to 1pm and 7pm to 11pm.

 Call 17 270-270.