The Future is Electric

by BTM

Sun, 04 October 2020

bmw bahrain

With a ten-year plan for sustainability, the BMW Group is following its commitment to the goals of the Paris climate agreement, the main focus being on the expansion of electric mobility. 

Vehicles of the BMW and MINI brands featuring electrified drive systems are now offered in 74 markets worldwide, where more than 500,000 electrified vehicles were sold by 2019. By the end of 2021, this figure will probably rise to over a million. In spite of pandemic-related restrictions, more vehicles from the BMW Group were sold during the first half of 2020 than in the corresponding previous-year period. BMW Group sustainability goals aim at putting more than seven million vehicles with electrified drive systems on the road worldwide by 2030, two thirds of them all-electric variants. 

In future, further series models with electrified and with conventional drive systems will be built on a single production line. For instance, the next generation of luxury sedans of the BMW 7 Series will be offered also as a purely electric model variant. Also, the high-volume series BMW 5 and BMW X1 will be brought to market not only with conventional internal combustion engines and plug-in hybrid systems, but also with all-electric drive units.