The New Porsche 911 S/T Marks 60th Anniversary of the 911

by BTM

Tue, 05 September 2023

The New Porsche 911 S/T Marks 60th Anniversary of the 911

The engineers in Weissach, Germany have designed the 911 S/T - a highly purist sports car dedicated to sheer driving enjoyment - to mark the 60th anniversary of the iconic 911 sports car. Unlike the 911 GT3 RS, the focus of the development of the 911 S/T has been not on track use, but rather for journeys on public roads.

In a limited run of just 1,963 examples, the Porsche 911 S/T offers lightweight design and a purist driving experience. In addition, and for the first time, the 386 kW (525 PS) high-revving engine from the 911 GT3 RS delivers its power to the road via a manual gearbox and lightweight clutch. The 911 S/T weighs just 1,380 kilograms (DIN kerb weight, incl. all fluids), making it the lightest model of the 992 generation.
The exclusive anniversary model unites the strengths of the 911 GT3 with Touring Package and the 911 GT3 RS and delivers a unique combination of agility and driving dynamics. It combines the naturally aspirated, 386 kW (525 PS) 4.0-litre boxer engine from the 911 GT3 RS with a short-ratio manual transmission. 

The optional Heritage Design Package draws inspiration from the racing version of the 911 S from the late 1960s and early 1970s.