The New Series of Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars

by BTM

Wed, 09 August 2023

The New Series of Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars

Mercedes-Benz is continuing its long tradition of sporty, elegant dream cars with a new, independent series. The new CLE Coupé uses the conceptual and technical innovations of the C-Class and E-Class. With its expressive design, exclusive comfort equipment for maximum individuality and confident, sporty driving performance, the new two-door car goes its own way. 

The progressively forward-leaning front section (“shark nose”) with a low-slung bonnet, flat LED headlights with a unique design and the newly designed, three-dimensional radiator grille ensure an athletic yet extremely elegant appearance. The strongly contoured power domes on the long hood refer to the powerful engines with up to six cylinders. In the side view, a distinctive shaped edge structures the powerful volume. This character line runs from the headlight to the exterior mirror and from the rear light to the door handle. 

At 4,850 millimetres long, 1,860 millimetres wide and 1,428 millimetres high, the new two-door is the largest coupé in the mid-size segment. With its dimensional concept – in particular the 25-millimetre longer wheelbase – the CLE Coupé offers significantly more space than the C-Class Coupé. The rear passengers in particular benefit from 10 millimetres more headroom, 19 millimetres more shoulder and elbow room and 72 millimetres more knee room while the trunk volume offers 60 litres more volume. 

The market launch of the CLE Coupé will start in Europe in November. The CLE Cabriolet will follow next year for open-air connoisseurs. With the new dream car series, Mercedes-Benz is fulfilling the wishes of many customers in the C and E class segments.