The Nissan Patrol’s Seven-Decade Legacy

by BTM

Mon, 07 March 2022

The Nissan Patrol’s Seven-Decade Legacy

Marking the 70th anniversary of the iconic Patrol and honouring the model’s rich legacy and deeply rooted heritage in the region, Nissan highlights some of the Patrol’s most impressive milestones over the past seven decades. Through its illustrious history, the Patrol has collected an enviable number of trophies and earned its reputation by proving itself in the scorching heat of the deserts, rugged mountain slopes, and modern city streets as the “Hero Of All Terrain”. 

Here are seven key milestones the Patrol has accomplished over the years.

  • First-ever SUV to climb Mount Fuji
  • 1957: The first Patrol enters the Middle East
  • First diesel vehicle to ever finish the Paris-Dakar in the Top 10.
  • First SUV to redefine comfort and luxury in the segment.
  • First rugged SUV built specifically for the Middle East.
  • Three Guinness World Records by one SUV.
  • One nameplate, 70 years and counting.

Although the car has changed a great deal through the decades in terms of appearance, performance, role and technology, the nameplate itself has remained an unchanging testament to Nissan’s engineering and to enriching the lives of its owners.